Air ride vans and trailers, keeping your freight protected!

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Air ride shipping With so much freight being moved across the United States day in and day out, it’s hard to imagine every bit of freight doesn’t receive its fair share of bumps and bruises along the way. If you are looking to have freight shipped with some extra bit of protection you may consider an air ride trailer for your transportation. What is an air ride trailer? An air ride trailer utilizes air in the suspension to provide a much smoother ride for transportation. The suspension system uses a compressor to provide compressed air to an airbag that sits in place of springs. The air inflates air bags and provides a much smoother and more consistent ride. The air ride system is also electronically controlled so the system is self leveling; this ensures that the cargo is kept flat and stable during its journey.


Air Ride Trucking RatesPackaging your cargo securely and correctly is still the best way to ensure your cargo is transported safely to its destination, air ride vans offer additional protection for your cargo. When shipping something that may be more delicate than the standard shipment, air ride suspension can provide an additional peace of mind when choosing this service. In addition to providing a smoother ride for your cargo, the height of the load can also be adjusted, this can be useful if driving over rough terrain, the suspension can allow the truck or trailer to sit higher when needed. Air ride vans and trailers can also be lowered or raised to assist in loading and unloading if needed. Consider air ride suspension when arranging shipping if you have cargo that could use a little extra care during transportation!

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