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Air freight has been used in shipping services since the early 1900’s and quickly gained popularity as companies realized they could transport high value cargo much faster than using railroads or shipping companies. One great achievement of mankind was the invention of the airplane, being able to fly above roads, mountains, lakes and any other geographical obstacle gives you the ability to travel from one location to another in virtually a straight line! What better way to use this invention to transport cargo across vast distances. Using air cargo shipping services can drastically reduce shipment times; moving cargo across the country take several days using trucking services or train, but with the use of airplanes that time can be shortened to hours. Air freight services usually works in conjunction with freight trucking services. A truck will transport the goods from the shipper to an airport for shipping, then the cargo plane will transport to its destination airport, then transported by truck to the final destination.

Instant Air Shipping RatesWhile airplane cargo transportation may be the fastest method for transporting your shipment, it is not always the best method for shipment, and some cargo is too large or too heavy to be transported by plane. What is the best method for transporting your cargo? If you are unsure contact a freight specialist at Freight Rate Central., they are experts when it comes to coordinating every aspect of your freight experience. They can help you determine which mode of transportation is right for your cargo, give you advice to help ensure your cargo is packaged or secured properly, plan every detail of your shipment so it is delivered fast and efficiently. Not to mention what’s better than fast and professional shipping services? How about big savings on freight shipping services! Freight Rate Central works with over 1000 major freight carriers to leverage the best possible freight rates and pass those savings onto you! It doesn’t matter whether you are a major corporation shipping a mass amount of items or a one time shipper, Freight Rate Central offers the same low rates to everyone! Stop by our website to day and get a free instant online quote today!

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