Air Freight…How good do we have it?

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Could you imagine what would happen to the world today if we didn’t have air freight services? I know air freight isn’t something we give much thought to on a daily basis, you look up in the sky and see jet streams crossing the sky all day long, passenger jets, cargo planes, freight planes, you name it! These planes fly across the globe to make sure every Amazon purchase or eBay part makes its way to our door within a few business days, that’s pretty amazing if you think about it.

I remember waiting weeks at times for packages to show up, now anything more than 4 days and it seems like the world is going to end! I myself have noticed how impatient I become when I place an online order, waiting for what seems like forever for the shipment notification email to show up, then it takes another day for the tracking information to work, then waiting as the tracking info updates from every scan along the way…I know I am not alone on this one, you have all had these same thoughts, but then the package arrives, a combination of air freight, ground freight, and local delivery trucks combined with a team of workers all make it possible. From the mouse click to the door bell I don’t think we always realize just how fast the air freight shipping industry has become!

Air Freight Shipping Services

Air Shipping Air freight is all about small packages though; planes are being equipped to haul standard freight pallets and cases, vehicles, machinery, the list goes on and on. Shipments and the creativity and ingenuity that goes into every aspect of air freight services is amazing, high tech tracking systems keeping millions of products on track to their destinations. The planes with their storage capacity, the ability to load from side, back, or bottom dependent on shipment and cargo, and all the technology that each plane is equipped with to keep them moving day and night. So the next time you look up in the sky, just remember how important air freight services are to our everyday life!

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