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RGN Trucking RatesWhen hauling oversized freight and the best truckload rates, choose the removable gooseneck trailer—or RGN—for carrying long and tall freight loads. The detachable front allows the trailer to be dropped on the ground, creating a ramp for convenient loading of heavy freight. This adaptable unit can haul and carry freight loads up to 150,000 pounds. It can be expanded from 3 axles to more than 20 for the heaviest shipments. RGN trailers are more specialized, resulting in a cost for usage.
  • RGN’s Maximum freight weight is 42,000 pounds.
  • Removable Gooseneck – RGN Maximum freight dimensions: Maximum Removable Gooseneck – RGN Well Length- Main Deck 29 ft Maximum Removable Gooseneck – RGN Well Width- 8.5 ft Maximum Removable Gooseneck – RGN Legal Freight Height- 11.6 ft
See our other equipment options for a comprehensive selection of trailers to fit all your freight needs here: Trucking Trailer Types Please contact our friendly representatives for a fast, accurate truckload rate for a RGN – Removable Gooseneck Trailer at: Get A Truckload Quote. We will work with your specifications to quote accurate rates and advise you on any state restrictions for your particular load. Get A RGN Trucking Quote
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