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Reefer Truck Do you have items that need to arrive fresh or frozen? Our carriers throughout the US have refrigerated trailers — also known as “reefer” trailers — that are ready to ship items that have to be handled with care. Keeping your cargo frozen or just chilled, no matter what the temperature outside, is what refrigerated trailers are all about. Using the same technology that industrial refrigerators and freezers use to keep items temperature-controlled, refrigerated trailers keep your items at the perfect temperature, no matter what the weather’s like.

Freight Rate Central Can Provide 48′ or 53′ Refrigerated Trailer Trucking Rates

Refrigerated Transport Whether you’re trucking ice cream from Wisconsin, lobster from Maine or raspberries from Washington State, if you need a refrigerated trailer for your shipping needs, Contact Freight Rate Central for free real Instant Online Freight Trucking Quotes. With Freight Rate Central, there’s no waiting for someone to email you the quote or call you back — you get it instantly, in real time. Freight Rate Central works with over one thousand of the nation’s biggest and most reputable freight carriers to give you the best service for your needs, with no restrictions on weight or size. Big or small, you can haul it all!

What are the Typical Specs For Refrigerated Trailers?

If you’ve got a lot of cargo that needs cold shipping, Freight Rate Central has you covered. For most refrigerated trailers, the maximum freight weight possible is 42,000 to 45,0000 pounds, depending on the truck. Maximum length on most loads (inside the main deck), is 48’-0” to 53’-0”, again depending on the truck. Maximum width on reefer trailers is 8’-2”, with maximum height maxing out at 8’-0”. But, if you don’t need quite that much room for your shipment, just opt for a smaller truck. With the large number of freight carriers that Freight Rate Central works with, you can find a refrigerated trailer of any size.

Trucking Costs and How Refrigerated Trailers are Used?

So, what ships in a refrigerated trailer? Much more than just the milk and dairy products, meats, fruits, vegetables and other perishable food items that might come to mind at first, although food items do indeed make up the majority of refrigerated trailer shipping. For example, the medical and pharmaceutical industries use refrigerated trailers to ship medical supplies and medications that must be kept at a controlled temperature. From prescription insulin to over-the-counter gel tab pain relievers, refrigerated trailers keep America healthy.

Refrigerated Trucking Rates: Typical Variations

Have fresh and frozen items that need to ship together? Anticipating a bigger load this time than the next? Freight Rate Central has the refrigerated trailer you need, regardless of the size of your load or the type of cargo you need shipped. Much like the refrigerators and freezers in your house, refrigerated trailers come in single- or multi-temperature models that allow you to ship items that need to be held at different temperatures together in one load; just contact Freight Rate Central to discuss your needs. Of course, load size is variable, too. Freight Rate Central works with thousands of shipping companies, so you don’t have to commit to the same sized refrigerated trailer for every load. You will always get the right sized reefer trailer for your immediate shipping needs. If you have less than a truckload that needs transporting, Freight Rate Central can arrange for LTL shipping with refrigerated trailers, not just with dry vans, and we provide a 24/7 online tracking service for your smaller shipments, as well. Do you need to arrange for freight service through the desert Southwest in summertime and keep frozen items frozen? It’s no problem. Are you looking to ship through North Dakota in the winter, keeping refrigerated items cool but not ice cold? It’s still no problem — refrigerated trailers with temperature control maintain exactly the temperature that your cargo needs. From gel-tabs to gelato, Freight Rate Central can help you move your perishable goods. Get A Refrigerated Trucking Quote
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