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Why does it seem like you can only find the motorcycle of your dreams on the internet, and not only that but the motorcycle is also on the other side of the country! This can often be the hurdle when deciding whether or not to buy online, how am I going to get the motorcycle? Do I take a week off work and drive across the country and back? Do I have it shipped? How do I have it shipped? Who ships motorcycles? So many decisions to make when it comes to transportation, it’s hard to know where to start. When it comes to shipping motorcycles you can trust the professionals at Freight Rate Central, Inc. to handle your shipping needs. We have an online instant quotation system, online tracking to follow your shipment every step of the way, and we also arrange all aspects of the shipment from pickup to delivery.


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When it comes to loading a motorcycle for shipment, there are some steps needed in order to make sure your motorcycle is properly prepared for transportation, not having your motorcycle ready for shipment could lead to possible damage, and here are some steps to help you properly prepare your motorcycle. All fluids must be drained; this includes gas, oil, and coolant. Disconnect the battery terminals so there is no power to the motorcycle. Make sure tires are inflated to the proper volume. If possible, fold the mirrors in so they are not out in the way. Take pictures of the motorcycle, note any dents, dings, or scratches before shipment. The best way to secure your motorcycle is to palletize it, or place it inside a crate, securing the motorcycle with tie down straps will keep it from shifting during shipment. Another thing to keep in mind is checking your motorcycles insurance coverage to see if transport is covered, you may need additional coverage as carrier insurance won’t always cover the full value of the motorcycle. Once the motorcycle is packaged properly Freight Rate Central, Inc. will make sure that the motorcycle is transported safely and in a timely matter! If you have any questions about properly securing your motorcycle, you can always call one of our customer service specialists and we can take you step by step through securing the motorcycle so you are ready for shipment!

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