Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailers are the answer if your cargo is larger than standard containers or enclosed-box trucks can carry. They are designed for cargo that needs to be unloaded from above, from the side or from the rear, using a ramp or crane. Due to the versatility of the platform design, the flatbed trailer makes it […]

Reefer (Refrigerated) Trailers

Refrigerated trailers, commonly called “reefer trailers,” are the ultimate solution for shipping temperature-sensitive goods. These robust containers boast sturdy insulation and airtight sealing to maintain a controlled environment for reefer loads that must be delivered with care. Freight Rate Central has the refrigerated trailers you need, regardless of your load size or cargo type. We […]

Double-Drop Extendable Trailers

The extendable double drop trailer is the ideal truckload rate solution to carry and haul freight that is unusually long, and unable to be carried by a standard double drop trailer. Like the standard double drop, the extendable double drop is adaptable to unusual and non-standard needs. Its stepped deck heights and extendable middle section […]

Flatbed Stretch and Extendable Trailers

Flatbed Stretch Trailers are also referred to as extendable Flatbed Trailers. They are mainly used for carrying excessively long loads that are unable to fit on a standard type of trailer. Known for providing maximum support, these stretch trailers make it possible to avoid the risks of overhanging freight. There are different limits for how […]

Lowboy Trailers

Freight Rate Central serves the trucking industry with lowboy trailers and truckload rates, as well as a complete selection of dependable trucking services and equipment. Our comprehensive menu of equipment choices includes something suited to the unique logistical demands and specifications of every customer. A lowboy is commonly used to haul truckload freight. These unpowered […]