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About Us

Based in Florida, Freight Rate Central is centrally located, using the latest technology to work with clients, fleets and transport specialists to arrange efficient and economical shipping all across the US. Whether our clients are shipping freight from Los Angeles to Miami, from New York to San Francisco, or anywhere in between, Freight Rate Central takes care of all the details. As a logistics company, we match our clients’ freight with the most efficient and economical mode(s) of transport. It’s our job.

Combining Cutting Edge Shipping Technology with Personal Service

Freight Rate Central combines the friendly and attentive customer service philosophy of an old fashioned transport management company with the most advanced logistics systems available. Here at Freight Rate Central, we provide freight transportation services you can trust, powered by cutting edge shipping technologies and supported by our friendly staff of freight transportation experts.

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Groundbreaking Online Freight Transportation Quotation Systems

Freight Rate Central provides a fully automated online quotation system that allows our clients to get detailed and accurate quotes almost instantaneously. Our clients tell us that our quick, accurate quotations are one of the reasons they prefer us to the competition. We also provide live freight tracking for all LTL shipments.

A Full Range of Services

While most of our competitors focus on general shipping only, at Freight Rate Central, we pride ourselves on being able to provide hard-to-find, specialized shipping services, as well. We can arrange for a dry van shipment of goods across the country, but we can also manage the transport of an awkward, heavy piece of construction equipment between two sites in the same city.

Our people are focused on providing the best and most economical logistics service available. Whatever our clients’ needs, we aim to exceed their expectations.